Nut Free Candies
A dedicated line of Nut Free Chocolates and Candies made in our own dedicated nut free factory.
Made to Order
Don’t see something or need something special? We are glad to discuss your needs and see how we can help.
Dark or Milk?
All items we make can be made in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate, including molds.  Special requests for white can also be accommodated.
About Skip’s
In 1993, Skip’s Candy Corner was opened in Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA. At that time, we were located in the yard, Shop #1. Some of our favorite pieces of candy were made on the second floor.

Over the years we outgrew that location, and moved to our present, larger shop in Peddler’s Village. This location is on Street Road, Shop # 27. A larger store, with three floors, has allowed us to offer more products to our
customer. Additionally, customers can view candy and fudge being made from the middle level of the shop.

I spent more time in here today than one might expect.

My mom was on a hunt for jelly beans and we found this shop in Peddler’s Village as we were getting ready to leave for the day. Two seconds later — and I literally mean two seconds later — the sky opened up and hoards of people raced inside for shelter.

Meanwhile, my mom could be found on the lower level of the shop happily filling up a custom bag of jelly beans from the wide selection. Skip’s also sells a bunch of soda, chocolate creations, fudge, and classic candies and mints. If you want to gain a few pounds or buy someone a sweet gift, you’ve found your spot!

And if you need help, you’ll get it. Despite the crowd, all staff members we encountered were on the ball and extra friendly. I even caught one smiling toward the window at the brewing storm. They were THAT happy.

Eventually we gave up on snagging a break from the rain and ran for the car. Skip’s isn’t all too far from the main parking lot, so that’s a big plus.

-Kathleen D

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