Our Process




Of our made chocolates are made in our dedicated nut free factory.


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Our Process
Our fudge is fresh and prepared on our premisesFudge flavors vary and we are always experimenting with new and requested flavors.

Another special favorite is our ‘Gourmet Pretzels‘:  Fresh bow pretzels are double dipped in pure chocolate and topped with one of our many gourmet toppings.  Or, choose our caramel covered pretzel coated with pure milk or dark chocolate.

Year round – not just for St. Patty’s Day – we have our own recipe of Irish Potatoes!!!  Our shelf life is greater than three months due to the fact that we use more coconut and less sugar than other brands.  Don’t know what an Irish Potato is – call Skip’s for a description.

Also, we have our “Village Trash.” This new candy item is a
combination of crunchy items such as cereal and pretzels, and also M&M’s,  all coated with a creamy white confection.  As a great gift item, this can be  purchased with our unique miniature ‘trash tin’.

Seasonal favorites include our famous  ‘Candy Red’ Granny Smith Apples, in addition to apples covered in a variety of coatings: Buttery Caramel, Caramel Nut, Double Dipped (Caramel then Chocolate), the Deluxe apple with Caramel, Chocolate and Peanuts, and our ‘Gourmet’ which is similar to the Deluxe, but includes either Pecans or Walnuts and drizzled with chocolates.

Most of the year round, we have chocolate dipped strawberries.  Call  ahead to ensure availability. We can provide custom dipped berries for Weddings  or parties.  Bride and Groom berries are a favorite at weddings.

We now make our chocolate molds Peanut & Tree
Nut  Free!
 We make these molds in our outside Peanut / Tree Nut free facility.   In addition we have a full line of Nut Free products we are producing, including caramel, marshmallow and fudge.  Special orders for birthday parties and special events can be placed by phone or in the  store.

As with all holidays, we ‘customize’ any order you desire.  But, to avoid  disappointment for delivery, please place your order early.

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